Project Statement #1: Find Out What Kinds Of Races I Like To Run

here’s the deal

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to get in to running. So I signed up for a 10 mile race and really enjoyed the process of preparing for the race, and then showing up on race day to run! 

I’m learning that there are tons of different races out there: road races of all sorts of lengths (like 1 milers, 5ks, 5k santa costume runs, 10ks, 20ks, 10milers, half-marathons, full marathons, etc), trail runs of varying lengths, super ultra long races of 50 and 100 miles, mountain races, and then there are the obstacle course types of races like Spartans and Tough Mudders. 

what’s the goal of the project

try a bunch of different kinds of race flavors to learn which ones I like to run

here’s the proposed plan on how to do that

  1. sign up to run a race
  2. figure out some kind of plan to train for race
  3. follow the training plan
  4. run the race
  5. reflect on the process
  6. go back to step 1

here is the list of races to try (I made this list in 1 night, I’m reserving the right to alter it whenever):

  • 10 miler
  • 5k
  • 10k
  • trail race medium distance
  • half marathon
  • marathon
  • mountain race
  • obstacle course race
  • one really long race, like 50 miles

why this project

I think it will be fun. I think I’ll learn a lot by just going out and doing the stuff. I think it will be fun to see what the community is all about. I think it will be challenging. I think it’ll develop the work ethic. I’m aiming for that feeling of excitement at accomplishing new things. I also like how there is a definitive, you accomplished the thing or you didn’t: you either ran the races or not. 

how long will this project take

I’d consider myself a newbie to this domain, and seeing has how the list looks pretty long and full of some interesting selections, I would bet it’ll take a while to check off all of the items. Hmmm, we’re coming in to winter right now, if I have to take a stab at it I’ll say 2 years. I suspect this is a conservative guess. Wow, well. Geez, I better get going!


I’m thinking this is how the blog will flow:

Pick some kind of project to do (right now it’s the run a bunch of races project)

then write about the process of working on the project (in this case it’ll probably be posts on the training strategies I’m trying out, posts on what gear I’m using (or lack there of, really lol), posts on how the actual races go, and posts on related things that I find interesting along the way)

then pick another project

Right on, use your feet!

-Marky D

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